The Orbit system: a break-through in College & University management!

Access college data anytime, anywhere Info updates, report retrieval, registration tracking and more. From home, from the office or from any other location 

where web connection is available...

Barav Computers Israel Ltd.

Experts in the field of comprehensive corporate information systems.
Barav Computers Israel Ltd.
Experts on comprehensive corporate information systems.

Our unique features:
A broad, multi-tiered concept
Unique technological know-how
Reliable, top quality service
View college data anywhere, anytime
From home, from the office, or through the internet while traveling...
Data updating
Report retrieval
Tracking of registration status
And more...
Simultaneous work, carried out by multiple users
Allow college personnel to update data & retrieve reports through a uniform interface & a common database.
No high-cost networks are required...Enable your college personnel to access the system for information updates or report retrieval, while eliminating the need for high cost network installation...
Operate through multiple branches
Connect all your branches to the system, thereby maintaining control and ensuring real time access to data. You will have the final word on any matter: the selling prices of courses, the commencement of telemarketing campaigns by individual branches, etc.
Cutting down on costs, No need to spend money on:
A high-cost servers
A data base
Backup systems
No need for network & maintenance personnel
Maintenance personnel
Protect your info
Protect your info from the hazards of infrastructural collapse or the infiltration of viruses.
Expert system maintenance
System installed on a secure server
Short response & processing times
Daily backup & protection
Cutting-edge technology
The system is based on Microsoft's web technologies. Connectivity to Windows & Office program environments.
A break-through in the field of college information systems!
#C in .NET environment.
Close support by highly professional personnel.
Our system experts will walk you through the assimilation process
Brav Computers Israel Ltd. Will provide you with information solutions most suitable for your needs.
The system will be tuned to suit your working procedure.
Informational solutions for diverse institutional clients:
Kibbutzim College of Education, Migdal - Insurance company, Zim Shipping Services, Oranim College, Bar-Ilan University, Israel Air Industries, the Ports & Railways Authority, the Hadassah College Jerusalem, Wingate Institute and more...